Monday, February 14, 2011

Just Kiss Already blogfest

 Call it fate, call it luck, call it karma...

On Friday, for my new WIP, I wrote my first kissing scene EVER. I've been writing for a few decades now and for some reason, I've never written a kissing scene before. I lead up to kissing, I mention a kiss, but I've never described that delicious building tension of a kiss. Maybe that's what my writing has been lacking!

And since I logged into Blogger to find Christina Lee's and Stina Lindenblatt's Just Kiss Already blogfest runs today, I have decided things are meant to be. So without further ado...

I slipped in to the calming routine of developing, slowly agitating the tray and watching the image darken and come into view. But I was anything but calm. Liam stood behind me, close but not touching. He was breathing deep and even, stirring the hair on the back of my neck. Wrapped around the familiar chemicals of the dark room was the smell of his skin, dusty with a hint of soap beneath it. The only noises were the hum of the bathroom fan, the ticking of the big black timer, and the swish of the fluid across the paper.

Liam took another step closer. If I turned now, I would kiss him. I wanted more than anything to turn, even if it meant the photo in the tray would be ruined. Forcing myself to wait a few more seconds, I slid the print into the stop bath, dropped the tongs, and turned. Liam’s face just inches from my own, washed in the dull red of the safety light.

He reached out and ran his hands up the length of my arms, the friction of his rough palms against my bare skin ignited me like the striking of a match. Liam leaned and put his mouth against mine, gently at first, and then harder as he pulled me closer. His lips were anything but rough, moving against mine with a softness that tasted of apples. I lost myself in that kiss, falling into the rhythm of staccato clicks as the timer measured off the minutes.

And when you're done here, don't forget to go check out the other entries. Because there's a lot to be said for kissing.

Why didn't I see that before?


  1. Now that is a "well-developed" first kissing scene.

  2. Holy sensory overload batman! You nailed this kissing scene. Spot on. All the sensory detail pulled me right in. I was right there in that darkroom and it was awesome!

  3. Superb choice of setting for such an intimate moment--and all the details are just delicious. Well done.

  4. ahh.. to the staccato clicks of the timer. Nice. And congrats on your first kissing scene! whee!

    Happy V'day, Jenna~ :o)

  5. That is superb for your first kissing scene. The setting, the descriptions, the last paragraph -- all make for a great first kiss. Roland

  6. The details really bring this scene to life. You did an excellent job here!

  7. Okay for a first time, I'd say you hit it out of the park, lady! I like how she had to wait to turn or around or the pic would be ruined-oh the tension!

  8. Nice! Romance in a dark room. Love visual image of the last line especially.

  9. I always thought a dark room was a great place to steal a kiss. Loved the ticking and the swishing of the developer. Very descriptive.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  10. Look what the world has been missing all this time!

    Great scene, full of tension and desire! I think we got the picture!

    I'm new to your blog - arrived from the blogfest :)