About Me

You know when you go to dinner with friends and somehow the topic turns to what you would do if you could do anything in the world? Well, I’m the lucky one that gets to say I’m already doing it. I’m a writer.

My dream within a dream is to write a novel. And I’m working on that right now. I'll let you know how that turns out.

When I’m not working on the novel, I write short stories. I am a core contributor of fiction for Woman's Weekly, a UK woman's magazine with over half a million readers. My serial fiction includes the stories “Know Thyself,” “La Luna,” “Continental Drift,” and “Frozen”. My short stories “The Way to a Man’s Heart” and “Spa Break” also appeared in Woman's Weekly. My short story “The Last Bus to Montreal” was selected for inclusion in the charity anthology 100 Stories For Haiti (Bridge House Publishing, 2010).

I have a degree in journalism and creative writing (Ithaca College, 1992) and was a textbook editor for seven years before completing a culinary degree. I worked for several major food manufacturers as a research technologist, recipe developer and food stylist. I've worked as a freelance writer, working with Child Safety Solutions, Inc., developing content for child and preteen safety materials on everything from  bullying to snowmobile safety. Now, I run a community education program and teach writing classes in the evening.

Originally from upstate New York, I have lived in Canada, England and Scotland, and now reside in San Antonio, Texas.