Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Writer's Shoes

I find I walk differently depending on which shoes I'm wearing. I also find that I feel differently too.

When I wear these, I have this rolling, strutting walk (can't help it - that's what boots do!). I feel flirty, a bit sexier, a bit wild. I feel like I should be in Gruene Hall, listening to some rockin' Texas folk music and drinking Bud longnecks.

These are my new Skecher Shape Ups, which I love. To walk in them, I really have to slow down and take careful steps. When I wear these, I feel healthy and a bit smug. I also feel sore. They really make my butt and legs hurt.
(And, yes, they really do work!!)

And when I wear these... actually, I never wear these. I'm not sure why I bought them since they are totally different from my usual style. If I wore them, I think I would feel self-conscious. As for the way I would walk in them, I'm fairly certain I would just fall down.

All these shoes make me think about writing. There are types of writing that I slip into easily. I feel comfortable. They fit. I feel like I can run. Some types of writing make me feel reckless and excited, like I'm a different person. Other types of writing pinch in places and just don't feel right. I might try it anyway, just to see. After all, we've all worn shoes because they look good, even if they hurt like crazy!

What about you? Do you slip into some writing easily while another type just doesn't fit? Do you force yourself to try on new writing, even if it doesn't feel quite right?


  1. I think your teetering in heels comparison is a good one. No writer has to be good at everything. Find the shoes that make you walk tall and with confidence!

    BTW, I have an award for you on my blog.

  2. Love your shoe analogy!yes, sometime writing is easier than at others. right now, it's a little tough, but happening.

    I need to buy new walking shoes. Those look awesome!

  3. As you can tell by the heels on the silver shoes (showing no wear whatsoever), I tend to stick pretty close to my comfort zone. It took me years to find my writer's voice and I don't feel much need to stray from it. I know there are times to try to stretch yourself as a writer, but this isn't it!

    And Elle, I can definitely recommend the Skechers if you are looking for walking shoes. But definitely work up to long walks, because the first few days I was too ambitious.

  4. Some days writing is definitely easier than others. I think I might have hit inspiration #2 on Book #2. I might need running shoes to keep up!

  5. Stephanie, that is SO EXCITING. That might be my favorite moment in writing, when you are just struck by something and away you goooooooo.....