Monday, September 6, 2010

So I opened my inbox and found...

When we last left our hero, she had 56 followers. She opened her inbox and found it flooded with comments from lovely new blog friends. And when she returned to her blog, found she had 108 followers!!!

And that's about as much writing about myself in the third person as I can stomach.

That's right. In three days, I have gained 52 new followers. And it is all thanks to the fantastic KarenG at Coming Down the Mountain. Karen, thank you so much for hosting the Blog BBQ. I've got so many great new followers and I am now following lots of new interesting blogs. I'm sure I speak for everyone reading this when I say you have done us all a great favor by helping us connect.

I'm working through my new list of friends and promise to visit everyone who's joined me here. It may take a little while but I'll get there.

So, wow. 108. That means I'm going to have to step up my game here. More regular postings. And maybe even a contest to celebrate. More details soon.

I am in awe of people (like the incomparable Elana Johnson) who have hundreds and even thousands of followers. I must admit, I don't aspire to this. I know that for people writing YA, blogging is an essential tool for connecting with readers. I don't write YA and therefore I honestly don't think blogging will help me connect with thousands of potential readers (some, yes, but not to the level of YA).

I blog for a few very specific reasons. At first, I blogged because I thought I was supposed to. And then I blogged because I got a little obsessed by it. And now, I'm blogging because I've met some great people and want to form relationships with other writerly types. One of my main goals for blogging is to find some good crit partners and beta readers (a post on that is definitely in the works). I'm also about to start a new project and I think blogging about my process as I go may help me to crystalize my thinking.

Think back to when you started blogging. What were your reasons for blogging? Have they changed since you started? This isn't a rhetorical question...I'm genuinely curious.

Anyway, thanks for joining me. And keep watching this space for contest details...


  1. That is so awesome, you practically doubled your follower count this weekend. And there's more coming every minute over there at the BBQ. Just the weekend for my internet to mess up on my favorite laptop. But I'll get around to everyone too, even if it takes a few days. It sounds like you have some really good reasons for blogging. I don't write YA either, but I enjoy networking and connecting with writers. That's why I'm here. Thanks for being part of my party! I'm glad it was a success for you. It's fun to go back and get the reports of how everyone's follower counts have jumped.

  2. Congratulations, Jenna!

    I blog mostly to connect with other writers, as they're inspiration and the support that help me keep writing. :)

  3. originally i started blogging as a class assignment- which was way back in 2008 when i first started college, but i revamped this year and made it my writing blog. I blog now because I'm a writer and i want to connect with people who love writing and reading as much as me, in my hometown i get funny looks and don't fit the norm, so out here in the blogs i feel like I'm with my kind of people. Don't get me wrong- i have great friends at home- but they don't understand when i flip over a story idea. :)

  4. i started blogging last month i had 13 followers now I have 45 can someone say wow! better yet I have found blogs that are truly helpful.
    I started blogging bcos I needed to let some of the information in my head out and i heard it was a great way to establish some presence online especially since its too late for me to figure out myspace now

  5. Well, I think that's wonderful. Karen's BBQ really had success.


  6. Yay for Karen (which is how I found you, too!) And Elana is amazing as well. When I first started, my goal was to find others to connect with that I had some things in common with (i.e. writing, motherhood). And other than adding all the srange things my husband says, it hasn't veered. I'm pretty honest and say what I feel.

  7. The BBQ was great fun! And I love your haiku- I hate empty inboxes!

  8. well done on your followers! I came over from karens - a great idea wasnt it? I started a blog because I wanted to comment on other peoples blogs! Now I enjoy the writing prompts and sharing information, inspiration and of course despair!

  9. Hi Jenna,
    Congratulations on all your new followers! I'm pretty loyal to my bloggers. So if you keep writing, I'll keep reading ;)
    See you in the blogosphere.

  10. I got a little giddy when I saw these comments today! People are still here! Yay!

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