Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A cry for help

Remember how I mentioned that I blog because I want to find critique partners and beta readers? (I promised to do a post on that when I my WIP was closer to that stage.)

Remember how I posted on the importance of cliffhanger endings in a serial?

Yeah, those two things just came crashing together.

I just got the word on my latest serial from the editor: they love the writing, but don't like the ending of part 1 and want me to change it.

I don't quite agree with the assessment but recognize that the editor knows her market best and therefore will do as they request. Trouble is, I'm having a bit of trouble breaking away from what I've written and seeing it in a fresh light.

So, I'm desperate for a critique partner like RIGHT NOW.

The story is written for a British woman's magazine, target audience of 30-60 year old women. There are three parts, around 11 pages each. I am seeking someone with experience in writing (and of course, reading) women's fiction to read it and give me some feedback that might help me think in a new direction. I was hoping for feedback fairly quickly.

As this is on spec for a publication, I am unable to post it. I have, however, added a new tab that has one of my shorter pieces (The Way to a Man's Heart -- 1700 words) that ran in the same magazine a few years back. Take a look... if you like my style and might be willing to help me out with some feedback on the new piece, drop me an email and we can discuss the details further. I will be happy to return the favor sometime (I am a former editor and have critiqued quite a bit).



  1. Currently, I'm so busy but I can help at the end of September. Can it wait?


  2. Best of luck finding someone, Jenna! I wish I could help, but I'm realizing how much I need to learn about storytelling as I get deeper into my project. :P My confidence is too low right now!

    Hope your evening is awesome :)

  3. I hear your pain. I'm not sure I could help you since I haven't read much women's fiction. I hope you find someone soon
    W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

  4. Thanks for the comments. Crisis is averted with this one (never underestimate the power of a non-writing spouse for helping cut through the crappy ideas) but the invitation is open for the future.