Monday, May 23, 2011

Your Greatest Critic

My latest Woman's Weekly story, "Frozen" -- a four-part serial exploring the implications of embryo donation -- is out on the newsstands this month.  I just received my contributor copies of the first installment, but the others will take a few weeks to get here. It can be hard waiting for them all to arrive, so I rely on comments from my in-laws in the UK to let me know that each new issue has hit the stands.

The Wallaces have always been super-supportive of my writing. Whenever we Skype or chat on the phone, they always ask me how the writing is going or if I'm working on something new. When I have a serial published, they are the first to tell me they are reading and enjoying it. This time, my father-in-law told me that it is "by far" the best story I've written. My mother-in-law said it sparked a lively discussion in her sewing group. Their praise means more to me than they'll ever know. Today, I sat down at the computer raring to write the next serial, because I felt like I must be doing something right.

We need our critics to make us better. We need our critics to make us feel that we are better. It can be hard to share your work, especially if you are new to this. But it is essential. So if you don't have your greatest critic, get one. It will make you a better writer.


  1. Hey! You have an all-new look here! Nice!

    It's cool that your in-laws are so supportive. I think mine find my writing a selfish hobby that keeps me from spit-shining the floors, ironing sheets, and (insert other pointless, OCD-style chores here).

  2. Oooh, a "poignant new serial." Can't wait to read it. Congrats Jenna! And I love the new blog look. :)

  3. TOO TRUE. Man, where would I bet w/o my critters? And embryo donation... fascinating! I love thinking about this issue. But wow. SO controversial~ <3