Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What are you waiting for?

We all know that writing is all about waiting: waiting for feedback, waiting for agents to respond, waiting for editors to respond. I'm used to waiting, but I'm not very good at it. I seethe and suffer inside. And though I know it is counterproductive, I lose sleep, I lose concentration, I lose my mind.

And these days, it seems all I am doing -- in every aspect of my life -- is waiting. So I'm going to vent a little into the ether.

Things I'm Waiting For:
  • Response from agent with full manuscript.
  • Response from agents with partials.
  • Response from agent queried with a referral.
  • Responses to THREE job applications.
  • Mortgage refinancing paperwork.
  • Go-ahead from hubby (who manages our finances) to attend Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference
  • The school year to start so I can get some real work done.
  • Cooler weather
  • Apology from hotel after disastrous spa weekend
  • Shoes I ordered from Ebay
  • Return call from body shop about the huge dent made by non-note-leaving driver in Old Navy parking lot
Yeah, feels like a lot.

So how about you? Anything you are waiting for that's driving you nuts? Come, join me!


  1. YES!!! I'm waiting to hear from a publisher and it's driving me batty. I even e-mailed them because it's been so long. The good news is it's still under consideration. So now I'm back to waiting a little longer. Le sigh.

  2. Jennifer,in my book, that is the worst kind of waiting because I'll start fantasizing about how well things can go and then I get myself all worked up. Stay strong!