Friday, December 11, 2009

AFW seeks same...

It is a real risk putting a title like that up there on a blog. I don't even know what that might mean in the singles columns, but for me it means 'Adult Fiction Writer seeks same for meaningful relationship.'

These past few months, I have been extremely fortunate to find some great blogs that have helped and entertained me. As I was looking through the blogs that I follow, I noticed that almost every single one is written by a YA or MG author. I have absolutely nothing against YA/MG -- in fact, I love it. I have no intention of abandoning those blogs that have come to be an important part of my day. But I need to find some blogs covering my own genre, specifically commercial fiction. Yeah, I need to get some friends my own age, so to speak.

If you know of a great blog written by a commercial fiction writer, please leave it in the comment section. I'd be very grateful!

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